The Druggists Panel

The Druggists Panel

an album in a day, written for FAWM 2009


  1. Lovely Photograph
  2. Torch Dragon
  3. The Discreet Rep Store
  4. Lead To Something Else (featuring Euphorbia caput-aureum)
  5. Intelsat 14
  6. The Druggists Panel
  7. Falls Until Mine Head
  8. Gu's On First
  9. Hey Mr Owl
  10. Chanel Watches
  11. More often than not, unconsidered (featuring The Robinsons)
  12. Lepidoptera Album
  13. Mousehole
  14. The Ballad of Ann Pennington

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This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

All tracks by Matt Westcott aka Quichefeast. Cover photo by Fillmore Photography, used under a Creative Commons Licence.